It’s all about records!

I am on the last third of the Sheiko programing that I am doing, only 4 weeks left! That means that this week is all about trying to set new personal bests. I accually started my record hunt last week, when I went on a feeling that I could increase in Military Press. And so I did, my personal record went from 37.5 kg to 40 kg. I haven’t improve for a few months in this exercise so I was so happy with 2.5 kg!


This week it is programmed that I will try to set new records in backsquat, deadlifts and bench press. We will see how it goes,  I have as usually not done everything as you should. I have exercised more than you should, not eaten enough all the time, done cardio, have had a bad shoulder and now a spraind ankle. But I still have a good feeling that I will increase my max weights during this week.

So what are my max now and what am I aiming for:

Backsquat 85 kg –> 95 kg
Benchpress 47.5 kg –> 50 kg
Deadlifts 110 kg –> 115 kg

Wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes. Tomorrow backsquat and bench, saturday deadlifts 💪


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