Tough Viking – my summary

I can sum up the race in one sentence – It was so much fun!

For you that do not know what Tough Viking is. It is a 15 k long obstacle race with 30 different obstacles, everything from fire, swomps, swiming and high walls. You can check it out at

Before the race I was a bit nervous, cause I had never run 15 k before, I had a shoulder that wasn’t 100% and would I make all the obstacles? But I am so glad that I did it with Sara, cause I knew that she would help me all the way. And funny enough, I knew that I would make, it so I was calm. With tejped shoulders and butterflies in my stomache at 13.10 August 29 I started the race!

We went trough fire, ice water, swomps, over and under stuff, climbed ropes, crawled under barbed wire, swam and ran through electricity. 4 put of the 30 obstacles I didn’t do or didn’t make, the rope climb, rope walk, dips walk and the wall that you hade to run up but I am happy with it and to make 26 out 30 is a very good result.

My 3 best obstacles were:
* The ice bath, cause I was so hot and wanted to cool down my body
* The moneky bars, cause I did it with out any problems
* The swomp, cause I laught so hard doing it

My result looking at time was 2 hours 13 minutes and 54 sec. If we look at my body the result was bruises on my lower arms, a swelling under my lip, a sprained ankle. Overall result was just so much fun!


I can really recommend to do it with a friend, you can help each other, you have someone to push you and just share the experience with. If you do it alone no worry, people help each other over the different obstacles and cheer you on. This is one of my favourit this about the race – the group feeling with everyone, the feeling that we all did it together!

Will I do it again? Yes I will on feb 20 I will do the Arenarun in Stockholm!


And the best to comments I got during the day were before the race. One person thought I was 24 (I am turning 31 in 2 months) and a guy that said a bit suprised – You have armmuscles!


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